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Wil je invloed hebben op welke advertenties Google (en andere platforms) je laten zien? Via de advertentie-voorkeuren binnen Google kun je een hoop regelen. … #google #Advertising

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“Marketers can do so by focusing on the shared roles men are assuming in running the household.” According to the study, 74 percent of millennial fathers feel advertisers and marketers are “out of touch with modern family dynamics,” while 38 percent believe brands do not portray their role as a parent accurately. The messages sent to women and girls about their roles in society are changing and becoming more empowering, especially recently with movements like “Me Too” and “Time’s Up,” but representations of men have remained more stagnant and boys have been left adrift. “There’s real change in the air—the role of the modern mother has been reframed, but men have been left behind,” said Ruth Bernstein, co-founder and CEO of Yard NYC. “There’s an opportunity to speak directly to dads, to recognize modern parents share values that feel more equal.” There is one recurring trope in particular in advertising—that of father-daughter relationships having more emotional overtones than father-son relationships—that is telling about how we have long viewed fathers and the concept of manhood. “Maybe it says there’s freedom for men to have emotional relationships with daughters, but not with their sons,” offered Joanne McKinney, CEO of Burns Group. Seventy-three percent of those surveyed said a “real father” knows how to express emotional support to his children. It’s important that brands avoid becoming lazy with their portrayals of fathers, and instead remain socially relevant and realistic. Advertising is one avenue for doing so, explained Bernstein. “The Doofus Dad just isn’t good for anyone,” she said. Among survey respondents, 85 percent of fathers said they know more than advertisers give them credit. “The Doofus Dad limits all sense of purpose,” said Bernstein.

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